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Version: 0.18.9

Get support

Great Expectations (GX) relies on an active user community for its continued success. Input from users like you helps GX and the community build its collective knowledge and improve GX Cloud and GX OSS. Knowing how and where to seek support will help you get the answers you need to resolve issues.

Try solving your issue first

The following are some recommendations for resolving issues on your own. Resolving issues on your own builds your knowledge and allows you to share that knowledge with the community.

Search the GX documentation

Search the docs you're using currently for an answer to your issue or question.

If you're new to GX Cloud, review About GX Cloud.

If you're new to GX OSS, try the Quickstart or one of the specific getting started guides such as Get started with Great Expectations and Databricks or Get started with Great Expectations and SQL.

Ask the right questions and provide the right information

Formulating your questions properly and providing all the relevant background information can save time and improve response times. The following recommendations will help the GX Developer Advocates (DAs) and other community members assist you.

Include all the relevant information

Clearly explain the issue you're experiencing, or the problem you're trying to solve. When asking questions, you should provide the following:

  • The complete error log or logs.

  • The relevant code you're trying to run.

  • The version of GX OSS you're using.

  • A detailed explanation of what you're trying to resolve including what attempts you've made on your own to date.

GX Cloud support

GX OSS support